FINEXPO: the producer of conferences, forums, summits, shows, exhibitions, festivals, fairs and awards worldwide since 2002. Events organizer with a long history in Europe, South East Asia, Russia and USA!

- FINEXPO always aims higher with its events creating phenomenal shows and substantial series all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, China, Latvia and Cyprus.
- NETWORKING and learning are the key elements everywhere you go with FINEXPO.
- EACH EVENT produced by FINEXPO has its unique touch of perfection yet common sense for every person in the industry.
- FINEXPO international events have made a huge impact on the development of hundreds of companies in the financial industry. It is now a meeting place for market leaders, government representatives and top professionals as well as a signing spot of thousands of contracts that globally influenced the development of financial and other technologies.
- FINEXPO is the leading event company connecting top-level executives, different service providers and fintech from around the world.

Andrey Barchenkoff
Andrey Barchenkoff


We always keep up with the times, come up with and develop new ideas, as I believe that any business should stay young and fresh ideas to the market.

Shorena Jejeya
Shorena Jejeya

Co-Founder & CEO

Welcome to our FINEXPO international events!
We are very excited to create our events where everyone finds the unique instruments for the business development and makes connection with new partners.
At our events we bring together not only top-professionals and global leaders but also those who are just getting into the particular industry.
Our main goal is to connect people from different countries and help them to develop theirs businesses.

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Successful start: FinExpo organizes the first Investor Expo and Internet Trading Expo. We were the first to manage to assemble such a powerful team of speakers: Larry Williams, Joe DiNapole, Lewis Borsellino, John Bollinger, Bill Williams, Cornelius Luca.

Leading brokerage companies and banks of the world Sovereign Finance Group, Saxobank, IG Markets supported our idea and acted as partners of the event. The exhibitions were a great success!


We are opening new horizons organizing Golf Expo Russia the international exhibition for the golf industry.


The geography of our events is expanding. FinExpo held ForexExpo exhibitions in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Cyprus and the Philippines yearly.


We hold landmark conferences in Private Banking, Financial Forum & Arctic Shelves.


We open the radio stations Horoshee FM, Storm FM, Russkoe FM


We hold Crypto Expo conferences in Singapore, Vietnam and Russia.

We successfully launch the new format of financial exhibitions Traders Fair Asia and run it in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt and the Philippines. The idea of each of these conferences is to create online courses from our best speakers which will concentrate the most important and useful knowledge about finance.


After a long and careful selection of mentors, we open the first financial online university of Masters Money!


Launching Blockchain Fest 2021
Launching Forex Expo 2021 - B2B Event
Launching Crypto Awards 2021: people’s choice
CryptoAwards.com - choose the best project, company, exchange and person in the industry!


Launching FinTech Festival Asia, a global series of innovative, interactive and networking events that brings together thousands of people from across the world.


Traders Fair is expanding its horizons and adding even more new locations in Asia and LATAM countries

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